Wine is not our only passion and pride!

With our inherent enthusiasm, care and love, we also breed elite Lipizzaner horses at Salla Estate. The Lipizzaner horse is one of the oldest breeds in Europe. It was set up in a horse farm near Lipica in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, as a cross between a Spanish and an Arab horse.

The stallions are extremely agile and durable, due to the natural environment of the town of Lipica and have been strongly favored by the aristocracy of Europe. Today, Slovenia and Austria have claims to be considered homeland for the breed. Both sides consider the horse part of their national identity.

kone salla estate


Lipizzaner horses are noble, intelligent and gentle, often with a gray color, expressive eyes, a beautiful neck with a thin and long mane.

An interesting fact for them is that they are born black and their color lights up over the years. They are also known as “dancing” horses! This breed has an inherent grace and a sense of rhythm, they are easily trained and in some riding schools whole dance performances are presented with their participation.

Guests can explore the horses, rent some of them for individual rides or enjoy the beautiful scenery as they stroll through the winery with specially delivered Hungarian carriages.

For individual riding lessons, please call: +359896779224