New medals match Salla Estate at the 2015 WINE INDEX Annual Round of Competition. The distinguished wines are Cabernet Franc 2013 with a Grand gold medal in red wines and Chardonnay Barrel Age 2012 with a gold medal in white wines. According to the regulation, at the end of each year, the wines that performed best in the season charts participate in the final round to determine “Wine of the Year” in the red, white and rose categories.

In the seasonal sessions, we were rewarded with two more wines of ours: Salla Rose 2014 was named Rose for Spring Season, and Salla Riesling 2014 was awarded a Silver Star.

The prestigious competition is organized by the National Institute for Wine and Spirits Research in partnership with the National Vine and Wine Chamber and the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Wines are judged by oenologists, wine journalists, and wine watchers on a 100 point scoring system, at a blind tasting.