Let’s congratulate on the World Wine Award – Silver Medal for Riesling Barrel Aged, vintage 2015. The good news came from as far away as China, where the 2018 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Wine Contest took place. Salla Estate Winery proved to be the only Bulgarian winery with a medal for Riesling white wine and the only awarded producer from the Danube Plain. This is a great worldwide recognition and this will help more people reach for this noble wine, which until recently was in the “only for a limited number of dedicated consumers” column.

Many wine critics say Riesling is by far the largest white wine variety in the world. It is a chameleon by nature and vividly expresses the place where it is grown, and when it is aged in French oak barrels, like we do, our result is a rich wine with a beautiful, rich, brilliant color. Riesling Barrel Aged has a developed citrus bouquet, the taste is balanced by gentle shades of vanilla, butter and baked oak.